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Most of the time you'll vocalize what others are thinking but are meek to say out loud.  When you do say what you want, stay behind it all the way.  

If you want to be a badass, know that it can mean something very different for some people in society.  It goes well with attracting pretty girls, in fact it's better if you're a little bit badass when you meet women for the first time.  Be a badass who gets attention from women instead of one who turns them all away.  You'll have more success and you'll feel yourself getting better and better at talking to them as each day goes by.  You can be sure that the numbers you get are real numbers and are not fake numbers. 

Women will be the one buying you drinks willingly. I'm pretty sure this is exciting stuff for you if it's something new to you.  You'll notice that women respond to you differently and more favorably than ever before.   smiley: roll
You'll have it better than what most guys ever hope to achieve once you know how to bring out your badass self to meet the women of your dreams right now.  You'll be on the minds of women and they won't put you on the dreaded friend zone.  It makes you captivating, positive, and memorable to women who encounters you.  Having the tao of badass seduction blueprint advantage surely beats calling women multiple times just to get them to answer their phone.  You'll be easily the only one in her mind most of the time.  
Get your badass attitude under control no matter where you are right now.  This can easily help you seduce the women you want with much success.  This will include the skills and techniques so few men have.  Using them will make it clear to you how and why you haven't had any chance with women before.  Follow being a badass and make your personality flourish with new charm and clarity.  
You can easily get your hands on new tactics you can use in making yourself a badass with women.  Handle yourself like a badass that you are as you interact with the many women you meet.  You'll get what it really means to be a man which a lot of guys don't know about.  Even when a situation that's unexpected arises you'll be able to hold yourself together.  
Don't let any more women get away from you by being a badass whenever you can.  Don't be like the men out there who are handsome but don't have the strategy to win with women.  You don't even have to think about break ups like it's the end since you can be friends with you exes.  Since you have real confidence, you can be calm even if people try to mess up your interactions. 

You can look women straight in the eyes because you are comfortable with yourself.  You won't have to think twice about approaching a girl, even if she's the hottest one you've ever met.  Getting over rejections is no big deal since you can instantly talk to anyone you like without problems.  You'll have women who gravitates to you easily because you are attractive to them.  You'll be the guy most women want to talk to and be with.  
want to know the right way to attract women and can't get it out of your mind?  Time won't make a difference if no one is helping you figure this thing out man.  Some of the most basic strategies to raise your chances with women is here.  Your appearance always plays a large role in this.  Try to express yourself while still looking good.  Using the right combination of outfits and accessories, you'll find the one that suits you best.  If you can attract women with your looks, you're almost halfway there. 

What you need next is to become a good conversationalist.  Make your conversations captivating and engaging to keep their attention all to yourself.  Hold her interest in your hands and you can do anything you want.  Ask her what she likes without being too obvious about it and get her telling you all these things.  Keep her entertained and interested with everything but don't take it too far.  Follow these simple strategies and you'll likely be successful with your close.  
Though it's not the only way to attract women and start dating any girl you want.  Talk the girl you set your eyes on and use what you've learned as you journey through this endeavor.  This will definitely help you overcome most of the anxiety you will face from now on.  Whatever relationship you decide to create, it will be better for both parties. 

Pick someone right now and use what you've learned, make adjustments and repeat.  Don't think about how difficult it will be, just go ahead and do it.  Get started with your journey of communicating effectively with women using the tao of badass ebook pdf download.  
You may feel that you don't have it right now, but with your commitment you know you can do it.  Even when you got yourself in a relation with the girl you like, you find this stuff still useful.  Now average guys like you can become a confident badass with women.  Take this opportunity to increase your social value and meet more women.  

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